Friday, April 11, 2008

shirking my responsibilities

Yesterday, the weather was lovely. Sunny, about 70 degrees - spring at last.

I had a pile of laundry in the basement, a kitchen and a bathroom that could use a cleaning, and about two hours before I had to leave for work. So I took Baby Sister to the park.

Here's the thing: spring in New England is fleeting. In the fall, you get as much as a month of mostly pleasant weather - not too hot, with all those beautiful leaves. But spring? You maybe get a week. Maybe. Usually it's 45 one day, 85 the next, and that's the end of it. Bring on the humidity. So I had to take advantage of yesterday's weather. Baby Sister approved.

We didn't do too much, just a bit of a walk around the pond at Slater Park. It's a pretty place.

The pond was lovely and sparkling and full of raucous geese. Plus this pair on a little island - they were very Trumpet of the Swans, I thought.

We had a great time. Totally worth neglecting the housework.

The warm weather made the kids at work a little silly, though. One little girl had us all laughing - I can't even remember what was so funny, but she has a very infectious laugh.

My boys have been silly, too. This morning they were playing one of those charming flinching-related boy-type games.
Little Brother held his thumb and forefinger very close together and asked, "Are you afraid of a monster this big?" Then he flicked his fingers at my face, of course I blinked, and he said, "Yeah, you are."
Of course, he tends to get a little carried away with things. It soon progressed from flicking his fingers to waving his hands and arms around wildly. When he said, "Are you afraid of a monster this big?" I said, "Yes, I am!" and squeezed my eyes shut.

Then he punched me in the stomach.

He didn't mean to; I was merely the victim of an errant windmilling arm. And he froze in horror when he saw me double over. Of course, that was just because I was laughing so hard.
It was definitely a good way to break the typical morning-rush tension and start the day off on a good note. Even if I had to get punched for it.