Thursday, January 1, 2009

catching up

I was going to write a big long post about our Christmas, all the different festivities we enjoyed, a roundup of the last of the handmade gifts, and maybe a bit of loot-flashing. But here it is New Year's Day and perhaps the ship has sailed on that.

So I will simply say that Christmas was great. It's nice getting to visit with family we don't see often enough. And these past few years have been exciting, watching our families get bigger, what with babies and husbands and boyfriends.

The kids didn't get too spoiled, which is also nice. Although my mom did get the boys a Wii. Without asking permission. Not that that bothers me.
Video games have had a somewhat contentious history in our household (little boys tend to get obsessed with them), but I gotta admit the Wii is cool.

For Baby Sister, this was the year of Fancy Nancy. Before last week I had never heard of her, but now she's all over the house. For some reason, several people in our family saw these stories of the only fancy person in a house full of people who are more understated (that's a fancy word for plain), and thought of Baby Sister. Huh.

* She just came up behind me, and when she saw her picture, she said, "Ooh la la! That's me!" Yes, I think fancy is the right word.

And, oh yeah, somewhere in all the holiday craziness, not to mention the snowstorms, I turned thirty. Despite my children (and Jess) poking fun - Little Brother has been keeping count of how may days I have been an "old fart" - it doesn't feel like an especially big deal. It's hard to mourn the end of your wild, crazy twenties when you were neither wild nor crazy.

I wasn't too much of an old fart to make it 'til midnight last night, though. I haven't made any resolutions - I participated in the spirit of renewal by catching up with the laundry. Exciting! Actually, it kind of was exciting. So I guess that's Little Brother's point proved.

Well, Happy New Year, internet. Thanks for still coming around here in 2009.