Thursday, January 8, 2009


My first post was two years ago today - wow. I've said it before, so pardon my repetition, but I've started and abandoned many a diary in my day. And though sometimes this blog sort of looks like I've abandoned it, I at least think about posting every day. That kind of boggles my mind, still.

At this point I'm going a break a policy? tradition? I've been using here on the blog, the kid pseudonyms. In two years I've never had so much a comment that was a little off, and honestly, what's the point of giving your kids one syllable, easy-to-type names if you're not going to use them? So without further ado, Big Brother's name is Sam, Little Brother's name is Reese, and Baby Sister's name is Jane. Hi kids!

One of my sad attempts at a Christmas card picture.

So, to celebrate my blogiversary, and because I've never done it before, I'm having a contest. I wish I could think of something creative, but no. Just leave a comment, anything at all, and I'll send somebody some yarny goodness:

Left to right: handspun, a little skein of uber-soft baby alpaca, Araucania Ranco sock yarn, and Berroco Ultra Alpaca. Just let me know which one you'd like. I won't be mad if it's not the handspun :)

If you're not into yarny goodness (weird), I'll figure out something else. I'll pick a winner next Monday. Contest! Fun!

I'll leave you with a picture J's dad found recently of our family when Sam was a baby. We look just ridiculously young, no? It cracks me up.