Saturday, November 1, 2008

on halloween night . . .

. . . my children procured an obscene amount of candy! I mean, unbelievable. This was the first year they were deemed old enough to go out on their own (you should have seen them the past couple of weeks, drawing maps of the neighborhood and planning their route), and they came home with way more sugar than they would have while accompanied by an adult. I would not be surprised if there is still some hanging around to give out to next year's trick-or-treaters.

I'm sure the awesomeness of their costumes helped. As predicted, one of them did end up being a zombie - Little Brother - and J went all-out creating a "I've been in the ground for the past few years" look. Power tools were involved, people.

Big Brother was a rock star. Gene Simmons, to be precise. Here he is, totally owning the look:

And yes, they were a rock star and a zombie last year, too. But the other way around, so it's totally new and fresh, honest! At least that Benetar is getting a lot of use.

Baby Sister was a very cute pink puppy. She and I went trick-or-treating together, and she chatted and made puppy noises the whole time - except when she got to the actual houses of actual neighbors. Then her eyes got all big and her mouth got all tiny, though her reaching-for-candy skills remained intact. She also becomes quite dainty when the camera comes out:

Little ham.

Lastly, what would a post-Halloween post be without a jack-o-lantern shot? Ooh, scary!