Friday, October 3, 2008

I still spin

Man, I haven't posted about spinning in forever! Actually, there was a big stretch of the summer where I didn't spin at all, really. I certainly wasn't going to bring a spinning wheel camping (although I know some people do), and then I was trying to focus on my Ravelympics projects for a while too.

But this week is National Spinning and Weaving Week, and though that usually is expanded to include knitting, crochet, felting, etc., I definitely wanted to spend some time with my wheel. I'm going to the celebration this Sunday at Slater Mill and bringing the wheel with me - it should be a really good time. I hear we're going to spin up the giant roving that was dyed with Kool-aid last year. Big Brother helped to dye that, so I like the idea of helping to spin it.

But that's not all the spinning going on lately. I bought this superwash merino roving over the summer, kind of on a whim (isn't that always the way?):

Tuesday, it finally finished becoming this:

I think it's about a worsted weight, and as usual, I have no real plans for it. It'll just have to sit around being pretty. :)

Oh, and speaking of events at Slater Mill, the weekend of November 7-9 Norah Gaughan is coming!! Holy crap! Norah Gaughan! Annie Modesitt is coming too, also very cool, but OMG Norah Gaughan!!! I signed up about 5 seconds after I found out. I briefly entertained the idea but trying to finish the Bubble pullover by then, but then I remembered this little thing called Christmas. Maybe I'll just wear the little Target Wave mittens around my neck or something. Inexplicable knitter behavior, right?