Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Halloween update

So how’s your Halloween planning going? Have you been spending hours and hours lovingly going all Martha on your kids’ costumes? (Those of you who are busy procreating would obviously be exempt from this.)(Ew. That sounds gross. You know what I meant.) Have you given up and hit Target? Have you decided to pretend the holiday doesn’t even exist?

Or have your kids, like mine, infuriatingly refused to tell you what costumes they would like??

Right now only Baby Sister is set around here. She wants to be a puppy. Actually, she made it even easier by saying she wants to be a pink puppy. Pink clothes we got. Brown/black/gray not so much. So her costume is done.

The boys, however . . . well. Big Brother says he wants to be Pete Wentz. I say the neighbors are going to think he’s one of those punks who go around looking for candy without even dressing up. I mean, brushing some of his hair down over his face and wearing a hoodie? C’mon.

And Little Brother? He wants to be a penis. Yeah.

Ten bucks says they’ll both end up being last-minute zombies. The horror!