Tuesday, July 21, 2009

project spectrum - east

The second theme in this year's Project Spectrum was east. East was associated with spring, and the color was yellow. Why am I using the past tense? Because we are well into the third theme, south (it started at the beginning of July). Nonetheless, I do have some pictures to show, and I figure better late than never (what an appropriate title for this blog that would be).

I did not knit anything yellow during the east theme, but I did make a point of photographing yellow when it crossed my path.

Okay, this last one wasn't during the east theme (it's sunny; that's a dead giveaway!), but it's really cute. And Jane's wearing a yellow shirt, so I'm counting it.

For south, the dominant color is red, the material is metal, and the element is fire. Again, I think I'll be contributing mainly photography, as I don't really knit much with red. I'm looking forward to campfire pictures next month!