Monday, September 8, 2008

weekend's knits

We had a relaxing, pretty low-key weekend around here, which was just what I needed, I think. Saturday I had to work, but even that was pretty low-key: not a lot of students on a Saturday in September. Just as well I got to spend some time in air-conditioning, though, as Rhode Island seemed to decide it was a tropical rainforest that day. Heat and humidity like you wouldn't believe. It was a menace to the glasses-wearing population, I tell you.

Sunday, however, was breezy and cool in the morning, though it warmed up as the day progressed. In September we have the Pawtucket Arts Festival going on all month, and among Sunday's events were a car show and a Heritage Festival at Slater Mill. These were within walking distance of each other, not to mention the local farmer's market, so we spent a little time at both. J even got to bring his Camaro to display at the car show. With J, his dad, an old friend of his we ran into, and even my own boys, there was much flying terminology and scary encyclopedic car knowledge going on. A testosterone-laden good time was had by all. And did I mention, J's going to another NASCAR race next weekend? I wonder if the man ought to pace himself; he's going to get hurt.

So amid all this not-too-much-going-on, I got a couple projects finished. First, I got a bit of money recently, and while I dutifully put most of it away, I did have one little splurge. Not on anything fiber related, surprisingly, but on an ipod touch. It's pretty awesome, but it has that big glass screen. It was just crying out for a cozy, so I obliged with some handspun.

The subtle mottled effect of the colors in handspun never fails to make me very, very happy.

And that baby hat for my new niece-or-nephew-to-be got finished, too. I'm really pleased with the way it came out. I might actually write up the pattern for this one. Assuming, of course, that I get time for that while I still remember what I did.

I hope your weekend was relaxing, too. :)