Friday, May 30, 2008

Memorial Day weekend, in pictures

Now that it's practically next weekend, for Pete's sake.

Friday night we got to babysit Brand-new Niece. She is such a sweetheart.

The kids helped. I'm sure you realize anything vaguely person-shaped and lying on the floor must be covered by a blanket, warm weather or not.

Saturday we hung out in the backyard enjoying the gorgeous weather. The boys played bocce, which is apparently the big trend at their school right now. No, really. Big Brother even told me of a time at a friend's house when he played "extreme bocce." I'm still trying to picture that one.

And this picture, well, it's just cute.

Sunday we took the boys to a skate park. Baby Sister and J were perfectly coordinated.

The boys did more scootering than skating, but they had a good time.

I got on the skateboard just once. Nancy showed me how to align my feet over the wheels, where to put the foot that would be on the ground, and I pushed off. The skateboard took off, all right, but it did not so much take me with it. I landed flat on my back and promptly set a bad example for my kids by deciding not to go on the skateboard again. At least we all got a good laugh.
Today, this weekend, is the Relay for Life. The weather promises to be mostly good, and a ton of people are going to be there, walking and showing support for family and friends. I can't wait to be a part of it again. The contest yarn is spun, plied, and pretty, and I'll add some pictures of it to this post once it's washed. I can't wait to show you!