Wednesday, February 27, 2008

call off the SWAT team, the coffee is back

Well, the coffee situation has been resolved, for all of you who were worried. Much more quickly than things usually get resolved around here, but dude - it involved The Coffee. This morning I tried to rig something to stand in for the coffeepot to no avail. See, the coffeemaker has this cool feature where you can grab the pot and pour yourself a cup if you simply Need Coffee Now, even if the coffee is not done brewing and without spilling all over your kitchen. I was quite fond of this feature, but it did mean that I couldn't simply put something - a mug, a pitcher, a salad bowl - where the coffeepot should be and solve the problem that way. So I tried using something else to push the little knobby thingy that would allow the Liquid that Makes Life Worth Living to freely flow into the receptacle of my choosing. A spoon? Too long. A paring knife? Struck me as a bad idea. I was even going to try cutting a straw to the proper length, but it wasn't standing up right and dammit, I hadn't had my coffee yet. (Hey Jess, is this what you meant when you said "I know how you get"?) So Dunkin Donuts it was, after dropping the boys off at school. And guess what else I found out - my kids? In the morning? Are noisy. I also picked out a new gate while I was out shopping, since apparently Baby Sister can easily knock down the old one and stand behind me while I pick up broken glass commenting, "Mommy broke coffee." Very helpful, that girl.

Speaking of that little girl, she has all of a sudden developed an interest in music. Previously her reaction to music was pretty much: Meh. She didn't hate it, but if I listened to npr in the car that was perfectly okay too. That will no longer fly. Right now it is all James Taylor all the time in my car. She also likes some Cat Stevens, but James is her favorite. She has a deep, sensitive soul, you see. For her second birthday I'm thinking of getting her some peasant skirts and some patchouli. Actually, she'd look totally cute in a peasant skirt . . .

Can you tell it's the last hour of work, there is a grand total of one student here, and I have done absolutely everything I needed to do today? Of course you can tell all that.